• Easy Artichoke Risotto Recipe

    This is a dish to cozy up to during artichoke season--we especially like to serve this when entertaining at home because everybody is impressed b...
  • The Most Seductive (Yet Easy) Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse Recipe

    The secret to a truly decadent chocolate mousse is in the texture. The prefect mousse is light and airy on the spoon yet liquifies into a seductively rich and silky cascade of chocolate that envelopes your taste buds. 
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  • MANNI Olive Oil Martini Recipe

    Olive oil-infused martinis are the next frontier of cocktail culture. Rather than using the olive brine to make a dirty martini (which can at times be too salty and flat), the world's top mixologists have been infusing their vodka or gin with an exceptional olive oil like MANNI's Per Me instead. The alcohol is as a result infused with the symphony of flavors and scents of the olive oil and this makes for a far more elevated drinking experience. Trust us, once you've tried this an old fashioned dirty martini will seem downright uncivilized.
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    Here's a zesty and moist lemon olive oil cake recipe that incorporates fluffy layers of whipped mascarpone cheese, lemon curd and fresh blackberries. It's vibrant and visually stunning--a perfectly simple dessert that's sure to please even the pickiest eater.