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Tasting Notes

The first time you experience MANNI organic, extra virgin olive oil, taste the way you would a fine wine--straight and unadulterated. Pour a few drops onto a spoon or a small glass, close your eyes and inhale the bouquet. Then take it into your mouth, roll it around and savor its nuances and intensity. We recommend tasting the more delicate Per Mio Figlio first and then the robust Per Me.

MANNI Per Me and Per Mio Figlio organic, extra virgin olive oils are meant to be used—not kept on a shelf and admired (even though our bottles are visually stunning). Like other fine olive oils, their flavors are most pronounced when used as condiments, not cooking fats—though you could certainly replace vegetable oil, shortening, lard, or butter with them in many recipes.
In Italy, a cruet or bottle of extra virgin oil is often left on the table for diners to use as they wish. For example, it is traditionally drizzled on bread, toasted or not, on fish and vegetables, and added to soups or pasta. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

For a salad, Per Mio Figlio may be best for the delicate varieties (such as lamb’s lettuce or baby spinach salad with Parmigiano cheese) and Per Me for the more highly flavored greens (such as arugula). Many Italians don’t even use vinegar, but if you do, use a dash of good wine vinegar, and don’t mix the dressing separately; work directly on the salad.

Use either of the oils (depending on age or preference) on boiled or steamed spinach or green beans with a squeeze of lemon. How much you use depends on your taste and calorie allowance. We believe a little of our product goes a long way and we suggest you try a small serving. We use only about 30–35% of the amount of another oil. For example, to flavor one bowl of soup or pasta, use about one teaspoon (5 ml), rather than the usual tablespoon (15 ml). Both our oils, even the more delicate Per Mio Figlio, have a very assertive, and delicious, flavor. Foods prepared without any fat at all are the perfect medium to enjoy the flavor of these oils. Try Per Mio Figlio on plain poached or grilled fish or shellfish with or without lemon. Try it on pasta instead of butter with Parmigiano cheese. Make a no-fat vegetable soup and add a half teaspoon of Per Me to each bowl. Slice a tomato, add salt, tear up some fresh basil leaves then drizzle Per Me over it. Or make a peach sorbet and add a half teaspoon of Per Mio Figlio a few seconds before finishing the preparation.

See which you prefer on boiled or steamed potatoes or, better yet, on a baked Idaho potato. Try Per me instead of melted butter on plain lobster or crab meat. Roast and peel some sweet bell peppers cut them into strips, sprinkle very lightly with salt, and dress them with a few drops of Per Me or Per Mio Figlio. Try it on wedges of trimmed, steamed artichokes.
Drizzle Per Mio Figlio on slices of mozzarella di bufala and add a grinding of fresh black pepper.

Use the oils to dress up simple, everyday foods. You’ll find Per Me and Per Mio Figlio are great to have on hand when you have to improvise for last-minute guests. They’ll turn whatever you have in the house into a gourmet treat—just try our oils on plain boiled cannellini or borlotti beans! Cut up some radishes, celery, carrots, and scallions (or any other crudités) for a pinzimonio. Each diner mixes his or her combination of oil, salt, pepper, and (optionally) vinegar in a small cup or bowl in which to dip the vegetables.
The one thing you shouldn’t do with these oils is “save” them for a “special” occasion. Your life is the occasion!