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Manni Oil Olive Orchard Tuscany Italy
Organic Olives

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A Michelin Starred Secret

It is a rare breed of person who strives for perfection in his chosen line of work. Armando Manni personifies this determination ... He has successfully produced the best and healthiest extra virgin olive oil on the market. MANNI oils have become an integral ingredient in our kitchen.

Thomas Keller, chef-owner of The French Laundry and Per Se.

I think it should be on the table of every food aficionado. I offer them to my guests every evening: I uncork and decant the little bottles for each table. I know I’m offering them an oil of absolute goodness, but also something good for their health.

Heinz Beck, chef of Ristorante La Pergola.

When I first tasted Armando Manni’s extra virgin olive oils, I knew I had tasted something amazing.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef-owner of Jean-Georges.

This oil reflects the essence of my cooking: it is the best, and I never accept anything less.

Giorgio Locatelli, chef-owner of Locanda Locatelli.

MANNI is the best oil in the world. Pure liquid gold.

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Manni is internationally recognized as one of the best olive oils in the world

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Free delivery within North America and Europe
Free delivery within North America and Europe