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MANNI Organic extra virgin olive oil sustainable Italian olive oil

MANNI Per Me® Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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2 bottles 100 ML/3.4 fl oz per box

Per Me is a certified Organic Toscano PGI  (Protected Geographical Indication) live extra virgin olive oil that is sustainably grown and harvested from our olive tree grove on the slopes of the volcanic Mount Amiata, in the south of Tuscany.

What The Experts Say: "It's a powerful oil. At the nose, it has an intense, clean, and fresh scent of green herbs. In the mouth, it's elegant and pleasant with notes of green olives, artichoke, and freshly cracked pepper. It has a long aftertaste."

MANNI is scientifically certified—high in antioxidants.
It's an organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil that fights free radical damage and aging of the body.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) made a health claim*  about the extra virgin olive oil and its antioxidant activity (anti-aging) and the decreased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease with a minimum intake of 20gr of oil per day with 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives.

Our oil has 30% more hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives than recommended by the EFSA Health Claim as a Reference Daily Intake (RDI) to protect your health.

Certified by the University of Florence:
Per Me: 315.45 mg/L of  hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives per serving of 20 grams of MANNI: 6.8 mg

Our Patented, UV Resistant Bottles
MANNI organic, extra virgin olive oil is bottled in a patented glass bottle that protects the oil from 99.99% of harmful UV-rays which cause oxidation. This ensures the flavors and antioxidants remain pristine until the very last drop is consumed. The bottle is small for a reason: so that it's finished quickly before it has a chance to oxidize.

We never recommend buying olive oil in a big and/or transparent glass bottle for this very reason.

Harvested: October 2019

Enjoy by: September 2021